As of this summer, there will be another delicious reason to head to South Boston.

Certified Meatball Co. is coming to 429 West Broadway, thanks to the folks at Corbett Restaurant Group (who leased the property) and Boston Nightlife Ventures (also headquartered in Southie), who are responsible for other such legit locales as Wink & NodThe Tap Trailhouse and Griddler’s Burgers + Dogs.

“We’ve always liked the meatball concepts out in NY, Chicago and D.C., and wanted to bring it to the Boston dining scene,” BNV President Euz Azevedo told me. The concept was originally slated for Davis Square but, said Azevedo, that deal became “prohibitively time-consuming.”

“From the get-go, we wanted to focus on a residential neighborhood in Boston,” he said.

Diners can expect bold flavors in a variety of different types of meatball, whether they’re solo, on sides or in sandwiches. Just don’t think there will be one singular flavor profile here.

“Now, a lot of people automatically think ‘Italian’ when meatball is mentioned, but the fact is that meatballs are a food item in several food cultures around the world,” said Azevedo. “We’ve decided to approach the meatball from a global perspective, so from Swedish meatballs to Asian ones, we’ll offer a little bit to everyone. It’s all about bold flavors here.”

Certified Meatball Co. will be opening up shop right next to local favorites Lincoln and Loco, and the newly opened Capo restaurant.

And it’s likely not stopping there: Union Square, Brighton and Newton are all possible areas of expansion. And, said Azevedo, “We haven’t given up on Davis Square either!”

At the end of the day, the goal is for an inviting atmosphere and an eclectic, flavor-packed menu.

“The concept in a nutshell is a cozy neighborhood joint that celebrates the meatball,” said Azevedo.