Yesterday, I previewed some of the themes we’re expected to see this week at CES 2013. With some of the giants like Microsoft stepping back, there may be more CES news from startups this year. But what about Boston?

We already reported iRobot’s big CES news, a new pool cleaning robot named Mirra. Another key local player to watch during CES is Nuance, the voice recognition company believed to power Apple’s Siri. As GigaOM reports, Nuance will be launching something big. It might not be as flashy as the latest TV or tablet, but it could play a significant role in shaping the future of technology. Whereas today’s voice recognition tech is device specific, tomorrow’s will be device agnostic:

Now Nuance, however, plans to break down those barriers between its separate platforms, and focus on what it’s calling “intelligent systems.” The idea is to create a personal assistant that will persist beyond the interface, that can be accessed anywhere from the cloud, said Matt Revis, VP and GM of Nuance’s handset division. “We want to unify the personal assistance experience across form factors,” Revis told GigaOM.

In other words, a personal assistant that will listen to you wherever you go.

Another local firm to keep an eye on is the power electronics startup Lilliputian, which announced yesterday that its mobile power system in partnership with Brookstone has won the Consumer Electronics Show Innovations Award for Design and Engineering in the Portable Power category. Portable charging is an interesting space to watch in 2013, with interest from big and small players alike.

Others at CES this week include Skyhook, WiTricity, Akamai, Affectiva, Mimoco, Blue Raven, Precision Augmented Reality Works, GeckoCap, Ember Corp., Energid, SeaChange International, and Monotype Imaging. (Check out this BBJ slideshow for more info on each.) We’ll have more CES news from Boston companies as it breaks all week so stay tuned.