CES is next week, so we’re about to see a bunch of cool to cool-ish new tech products, including from Boston companies. The first CES preview comes from iRobot, which announced today that it will be debuting an entirely new robot at the conference. It’s called the Mirra and, true to the company’s laser focus on making robots useful, it cleans pools.

It’s not the company’s first pool cleaning robot, but it is a new line. “Mirra 530 features the latest in pool cleaning technology and an easy-to-use design, bringing yet another state-of-the art solution to iRobot’s line of home robots,” said Jeff Beck, chief operating officer at iRobot, in a release. “This is also the first time that our outdoor robots, including the award-winning Looj 330, will be available internationally, a huge leap forward for the fast growing robotics industry.”

Mirra surveys the size of the pool and then charts an efficient course, navigating around underwater objects as it goes, of course. If you’re headed to CES you can check out Mirra and other iRobot products in South Hall 3, upper level, booth 30665.

I don’t have a pool, but I’m kind of curious if Mirra cleans bathtubs…