CES 2013 was supposedly going to be all about the “internet of things”, and today we’re getting a glimpse of it with Samsung’s new Evernote-equipped refrigerator. Yes, that’s right. The Samsung T9000 LCD pushes the boundaries of smart fridges just ever so slightly with the integration of the popular note-taking app.

This makes total sense if, as in my house growing up, the grocery list was kept on the fridge. Forget the magnet and add a popular mobile app and you’ve got a commonsense digital improvement. Here’s what the fridge looks like:

But while useful, the fridge also points to the potential boringness of at least of internet-of-things 1.0. Equipped with a Linux-based OS and a small display, the device is just a refrigerator with a screen on it. At $4,000, it still doesn’t know what you’re putting in it or taking out of it. And in that sense it’s not all that groundbreaking. If the initial phase of internet-of-things is just stuff with screens and connectivity there will certainly be a few conveniences. But to really transform how we interact with our homes and possessions, these devices have to get more creative with input and output.

That’s not to say this development isn’t innovative. Just that it’s merely a start.

Image via engadget