Searching for a job is tough. Going through the stress of newspaper advertisements, Craigslist pages, and outdated job descriptions is never an easy process. Thankfully, Boston-based Chase Technology Consultants (CTC) dedicates itself to finding the right fits for employers and prospective employees in the tech field. CTC pairs them using a very personalized technique; they meet with both parties frequently to ensure that the personal interaction, as well as technological skills levels will be a match. And why is CTC so helpful for anyone searching for a job they will love? The process is completely free.

Since its establishment in 2007, Chase Technology Consultants has helped to make 500 job placements in the Boston area, as well as in Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Although it is now a highly-functional company which averaged a job placement every 2.8 business days last year,  it was originally a one-man operation involving only President Jared Franklin, a cell phone, and a phone book. With such big advancements in the way CTC operates, there is still one theme that has remained: The personalized nature of each placement is meant to build lasting relationships between employees, employers, and CTC.

As their website states, “At CTC, your success is our success and our bottom line is to find you a best-fit new job or valuable new employee. We pride ourselves on employing expert recruiters with the integrity, commitment and work-ethic guaranteed to get your search rolling and on track for success.”

So how long should prospective employees plan on searching? Franklin told us that, depending on the candidate’s skill set and experience, they can be placed with an employer somewhere between four and eight days. “We have a no phone goes unanswered policy,” Franklin said, indicating that anyone who is interested will find the help they are seeking. If you are a prospective employee, make sure to visit CTC’s website and contact one of their representatives via phone or email.

What else is cool about their service? Upon each placement, CTC donates $100 on behalf of the employer, and another $100 on behalf of the employee, to the charity each of them chooses.

“We have a ‘CTC You And The Community’ program which we’re really proud of,” Franklin told us, “With every placement we make, we donate $100 in the name our candidate, and $100 in the name of our client, to a preferred charity. We have partnerships with The Juvenile Diabetes FoundationAmerican Cancer Society, and The Humane Society Of The United States, three great organizations. We’ve been doing this from the start, and we’ll continue to support them.”

Additionally, he went on to tell us that the staff had a hand in choosing the three charities. “Everybody’s been touched by one of the charities in one way or another. Clients get a brand new hire, candidates get a brand new job, and in the process, a lot of good is coming out of it.”

For more information, make sure to follow Chase Technology Consultants on Twitter, and check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn. Chase Technology Consultants’ blog is also very informative, providing career and job search advice.