Looking to buy some blunts? You could buy some at a new restaurant coming to Boston.

The Boston Herald reports that the cleverly-named Cheba Hut sandwich shop is looking to open franchises in Massachusetts. Cheba Hut serves toasted subs, branding itself as the only marijuana-themed restaurant in the country, catering towards those who have the munchies.

The menu is littered with slang terms for marijuana, using adjectives like “special” and “home-grown” as much as possible. Forget small, medium and large – these subs come in cleverly named sizes such as “nugs,” “pinners” and “blunts.” The “Kush” sandwich is actually a BLT, while the “Chronic” is a BBQ roast beef and the “Dank” is a pizza sub.

Despite what the names suggest, there is no actual cannabis in the sandwiches, and the menu very clearly states: “All names ‘refer’ to subs only. Any similarities are purely coincidental.”

‘Midwest Best’ sandwich

“The core to our theme is certainly cannabis-driven and counterculture-driven,” Cheba’s chief operating officer Matt Trethewey told the Herald. “We think it’s funny that a plant is legislated, and there’s laws around it.”

Trethewey said that Boston’s concentration of college students makes the Hub a prime spot for a franchise here. “Because of the theme, we certainly don’t want to be out in the shopping malls and draw negative attention,” he said.

With medical marijuana recently legalized in Massachusetts, I can only imagine that Cheba Hut will also be well-received here in Boston.  The concept is clever, the wording is spot-on, and the sandwiches sound absolutely delicious.

Somebody invite Michael Phelps back to Boston when Cheba Hut opens.