In the days following the tragic events of the Boston Marathon, the entire country showed an outpouring of support for our city as it grieved. Even the Yankees and the Red Sox managed to settle their differences for a brief time. The Chicago Tribune not only sent the staff of the Boston Globe a ton of free pizza for their efforts, but published a touching tribute in their sports section, showing solidarity with the city by renaming its sports teams the Chicago Red Sox, Chicago Bruins, Chicago Celtics and so on.

Today, the Tribune published the above spread, seemingly reneging on its heartwarming message by showing a hand tearing out the Bruins from the newsprint. The caption reads, “Yeah, not right now we’re not.” The image appears in the Tribune‘s special “Hawkeytown” section.

The Stanley Cup Finals have already inspired some friendly rivalry between the two cities’ mayors and governors, and that’s fine. Boston Strong has taken on a strange life in sports. Though the initial fanfare of Rene Rancourt and the TD Garden crowd’s rendition of the National Anthem and David Ortiz’s oration at Fenway was inspirational, it has been perverted at times as well – remember Toronto Stronger?

There are so many storylines in this Stanley Cup Final. Cover any of them, and leave anything remotely related to the Marathon out of it.