Photo via Chris Hadfield on Twitter


Chris Hadfield might have the best job on earth. Except, he isn’t even on earth at the moment.

He’s far above it.

Hadfield, the first Canadian astronaut to walk in outer space, is currently in the stratosphere, snapping pictures of his voyage from an orbiting space station.

On January 28, during his space mission,  Hadfield took a photo of the Hub at night, which was lit up in all directions.

“Boston at night, glowing under a trace of fog,” he Tweeted through his “official” account.

While it was the only shot of Boston that Hadfield shared with the Twittersphere, while traveling in the stratosphere, he has captured other amazing—and dare we say, out-of-this-world—photos.

Hadfield is taking and Tweeting the photos from the International Space Station, or ISS, which is described as a unique research laboratory that is in low orbit, traveling around the earth.

Hadfield will become the first Canadian Commander of the vessel, which is operable in partnership with Russia and the United States, as of this March, during the ships thirty-fifth mission.

According to the Canadian Space Agency, Hadfield first launched to the ISS on a Soyuz Spacecraft on December 19. He is slated to stay in outer space for the next five months, commanding the craft and carrying out “scientific experiments,” alongside eight American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts.

The Canadian astronaut will return home on May 14.

Here are some more photos that Hadfield recently Tweeted.