Massachusetts might be full of places to cut down your own Christmas tree, but haven’t you ever wished a Christmas tree would just magically appear inside your house, already trimmed, decked out in lights and sparkly, sentimental Christmas ornaments passed down from generations gone by? Well, thanks to DASHED, now you can have your Christmas tree delivered—as well as your poinsettia, garland and more—straight to your doorstep in 45 minutes or less.

Since last speaking with founder and Boston College alum Philip Dumontet, the company’s name has changed from “Dash Deliveries” to DASHED. Dumontet says the swap has enabled the team to partner more closely with restaurants during a period of rapid growth.

DASHED currently caters to over 300 restaurants in eight cities. Promising an average wait time of 45 minutes, the DASHED team uses bikes, scooters and automobiles to deliver food in Boston from 9:30 a.m. to 12:45 a.m. seven days a week.

As the company continues to grow, Dumontet says they’ll continue to cut down their delivery times. “When you order from DASHED,” he admits, “it will get there faster than any other delivery service.”

After realizing what they can do with food delivery, Dumontet thought they should add some more festive fun to the mix. They’re now delivering Christmas trees, door greeters, tree stands, wreaths, garland, flowers, plants and more from now until Christmas Eve on December 24th.

“From our perspective, we have this delivery structure in place,” Dumontet says. “We know how to get things from here to there.” And with over 100 people on staff, why not consider other markets to tap into?

Customers can visit the company’s Christmas-specific site and select what they want. In Boston, DASHED has partnered with a downtown vendor who stocks trees from farms in Western Massachusetts. Dumontet admits the trees have been most popular with the company’s corporate clients and that they have been making deliveries to the Prudential Center every day.

For a look at what you could purchase, check out the photos below. If intrigued, get to buying.