Last September Bostinno published a story about the founding of Clearview Digital in May 2012 by CampusLive alumni Mike Miklavic and Brad Durkin. A mere 13 moths later (this past June), Web and Mobile Software developer Extension Engine aqui-hired Clearveiw. Durkin ha joined SessionM while Miklavic has stuck with Extension Engine. Despite the fact that a sale was never in the cards, Miklavic, now a principal developer at his new company, is extremely happy with his decision to join with the Harvard iLab based operation. “It was kind of natural” he shrugged. Clearview and Extension Engine had been meeting and working together once a week  for several months prior to the acquisition.

Miklavic left CampusLive in 2008, just before the company rebranded itself as Dailybreak. “It’s funny,” he laughed, “we spent 3 years building CampusLive to try and sell it and, you know, its just grown and grown… we built Clearview to be something with longevity and it lasted a little over a year.”

However, Miklavic couldn’t be happier with how these events unfolded. He highlighted Extension Engine’s accounting and selling methods and its general infrastructure as essential advantages Clearview never had. Miklavic said the aqui-hire has lead to “producing better things together then we would have if we were apart.”

These productions are ideal for Miklavic, who loves that his work includes jumping from a PHP stack for one project to a C # stack or Ruby on Rails for another. “You know how Batman has that tool belt thing? Its like that, you get to develop all of these tools for your belt,” Miklavic explained. Since he joined, the Extension Engine team has been contracted to develop both web and mobile software for one of Boston’s biggest hospitals, a giant publicly traded telecom company, and a defense client, all of which fall under NDAs.

Miklavic is far from slowing down. In mere weeks he will be joining the many traito…I mean entrepreneurial visionaries who have relocated out west to “start the west coast extension of EE.” He is a serial traveler and is eagerly awaiting his first day out west but he will miss Boston as he “will miss a lot of friends in the startup world here.”

As more and more companies move west, I had to ask Miklavic what, specifically, drew Extension Engine to their new Santa Monica Office. “Its all about talent,” he sighed “I’m excited by the opportunity to find and work with a new talent pool to expand ExtensionEngine.” Additionally, Miklavic said, “you have all these really bright people coming from Harvard and MIT leaving, essentially, by the plane-full.” Their destination of course, is the Golden State. So what is it that draws all that talent out there? “It’s something about the culture…and people flock to things that are successful. And there’s a lot of that out there.”

When asked if he would ever form or join another startup, he hesitated before landing on “Maybe someday.” He loves what he does now and wants to continue helping big companies fulfill their software needs for many years to come. The only thing he would change are his travels “would love to spend, like, a third of the year in California, a third of the year here in Boston, and a third of the year in Croatia.” (Extension Engine has a development team in Split, Croatia and Miklavic fell in love upon visiting). “Thats my three year goal but we’ll see.”