CoachUp, if you haven’t heard of them already, is the largest private provider of coaching in the country. For Jordan Fliegel, their energetic CEO and founder, you might think achieving such a benchmark would leave him content. On the contrary, Fliegel has worked even harder in the last year, balancing his enormous duties as CoachUp leader with another project: Writing his first book.

Titled Reaching Another Level, Fliegel was very particular about why he took on the project (which is now complete and available for purchase).

“I wanted to generate awareness for private coaching,” Fliegel said, “because I truly believe in the value of it at so many levels.” He went further into the explanation, noting the double standard that’s grown through time and lack of understanding in regards to private sports coaching.

“Unlike music tutoring or academic tutoring, there’s a real lack of knowledge for sports coaching, especially when it comes to kids.”

Explaining his thought process on youth sports was especially interesting.

There’s a huge problem in our sports, where kids are being thrown into competition way before they’re really ready to play, ready to compete. They’re put in before they even really know what they’re doing. And sports are super competitive. You wouldn’t have kids take a test that they haven’t prepared for. It’s just setting them up for failure, or a let down, but for some reason in sports we just throw them out there without ever really teaching them how to play. The result is that the sport is not as fun, and the result is that they stop playing.

And why is there such a lack of public knowledge about private coaching? It starts from the relatively recent expansion, Fliegel says.

“It’s a relatively new phenomenon,” Fliegel mentioned. “Even ten years ago, when I was in high school, I didn’t really know anyone who had a private coach.” The result, predictably, is a lack of awareness as to not only the existence of private coaching, but also its benefits.

“No one knows about them,” he noted. “You don’t know about the private coaches that work with these athletes one on one from a young age, that really helped them become the athletes that they are.” And the reasoning for having someone specifically coach you is self evident for one major reason.

CoachUp Founder and CEO, Jordan Fliegel.

“The best athletes in the world all have coaches,” said Fliegel. “They’re not working out alone. And the working never stops.”

To illustrate this point, Fliegel told the stories of many notable athletes in the book, and how they were influenced and shaped by personal coaches. Mike Tyson and Cus D’Amato. Dirk Nowitzki and Coach Geschwindner. Even Tom Brady had a private coach (and still has one).

Fliegel also got chapters written by prominent athletes and coaches, including Bruins legend Cam Neely and Harvard basketball coach, Tommy Amaker. Their words lend to his point regarding not merely the importance of personal coaching, but that it shouldn’t come from parents by themselves.

“Cam doesn’t coach his kids in hockey,” Fliegel explained, “because he thinks it shouldn’t be the role of a parent. He’d much rather be the father constantly then go back and forth being the trainer and the parent.”

These stories, and several more, are ones that Fliegel is hoping to convey in the book to aspiring athletes (of all ages, not merely younger ones) in the hope of making them recognize the value of a personal coach.

“There’s an awareness that we can bring using a book that we can’t do just normally here at CoachUp, or through my own personal story,” he said. And given the success of CoachUp, it’s a safe bet to check out what he has to say in the new book.


Image via CoachUp