Crafting the perfect startup team is not an easy task. Even finding a cofounder or just one more person to join your startup is incredibly time consuming. Not too mention the consequences of a wrong-hire can be detrimental to the business almost immediately.

Washington D.C. based CoFoundersLab hopes to solve that problem and is starting to gain some serious momentum here in Boston. At an event tonight, CoFoundersLab announced that it has merged/acquired Boston based FounderMatchup and hired a full time employee to continue growing their Boston presence. CoFoundersLab has also planned events with MassChallenge and Harvard’s iLab

CoFoundersLab is much more than simply facilitating in person founder meetings or holding meetups. The site is relying heavily on online interactions and data driven results. Think eHarmony for entrepreneurs. Just create a profile and you can browse, organize, and communicate with candidates who are looking to be a co-founder. You can then review key information on that person to help you determine how well suited you are for one another and decide if you want to eventually go out on a date meet.

“CoFoundersLab is deeply committed to helping entrepreneurs in Boston, and we’re delighted to have a local partner who shares our vision of helping entrepreneurs team up with the best talent to launch startups together,” said Shahab Kaviani, Co-Founder at CoFoundersLab.

“One of the most important parts of a successful startup is a successful team,” said Marsh Sutherland, co-founder of FounderMatchup. “The missions of our organizations mirror each other, so a partnership seemed only natural. I am very excited to see the next stage of startup team building in Boston and beyond.”

Even though I have never been fond of the idea of founder meetups, I am very interested in watching CoFoundersLab grow. Their data driven approach in trying to create algorithms for matching entrepreneurs is something that has never been done successfully. If their data set is big enough, their online tool could be extremely valuable in hiring as well as evaluating current teams. Something tells me this won’t be the last that we hear from these guys.

CoFoundersLab’s next Boston event will be at the Harvard iLab on Thursday July 12th, 2012.