College students always get excited at the prospect of graduating until they realize one thing: Now they need to find a job. For some, it’s easy. For others, there’s Collegiate Contact.

Founded by a mix of six students from Northeastern and Suffolk University, Collegiate Contact helps place undergraduates in jobs and internships geared toward their specific needs and skills.  The team guarantees they won’t over-advertise their students or set them up with jobs they’re not capable of doing.

“We’re like a dating service,” says Zack Smith, Collegiate Contact’s CEO, referring to how they pair students perfectly with the jobs they need, acting merely as the middle man between employers and potential employees.

Each student is screened by the team, unless what they’re looking for is an odd job, which only requires students submit their résumé and go through a quick, five-minute phone interview. Students don’t have to pay anything for the service, rather it’s the clients who need to pay for Collegiate Contact. Smith says they sit down with each business individually and ask what they’d be willing to pay for their team to find them a qualified, eager employee.

To Smith, the beauty of hiring students is that, because they’re in college, they’re “eager to learn and interested in excelling.” He says, “We have students in all different industries, and they’re passionate about what they do. Them being in college shows they’re motivated to work hard.”

Of course, some are in college to party, however, the team has officially landed 50 students with jobs so far, which is impressive considering Collegiate Contact only launched in January. From odd jobs for students merely running out of money to a summer internship that will help pad any résumé, the company’s been able to fill the gap several universities’ Career Services have left void.

Coined as “not your average work study,” Collegiate Contact can hopefully get students out of their dorms and into the real world as smoothly, and quickly, as possible.