A Jamaica Plain-based volunteer bike co-op that helps Boston-area cyclists fix their rides for free has been shut down “indefinitely” after someone allegedly stole an abundance of equipment from the shop.

The Community Spoke, which provides bicycle repair services, instruction, bike parts, and reconditioned bikes for free to the Greater Boston area, announced on November 14 that “due to a break-in and burglary at our shop, the Spoke will be closed.”

“Tools, parts, and bikes were stolen,” according to the company’s website.  “It’s very sad to have to close under these circumstances.”

Someone took a photo of where the tools used to fix bikes were once hanging in the community work space and wrote, “[we are] now closed, effective immediately…due to selfish, greedy cowards.”

The shop is usually open to the public every Tuesday from 7-9 pm or by appointment.

During the winter season, hours at the bike headquarters are cut back, but they manage to keep the doors open here and there.

Dora Cacioppo, co-founder of the bike community spot, told BostInno she showed up Tuesday to find the bolts on the front door had been cut open and the lights were on.

“Unfortunately some of the tools they took would allow them to steal from other people, so I am a little bit worried. They took our bolt cutters and hacksaws,” said Cacioppo.

Cacioppo said Community Spoke has been in that space in Jamaica Plain for about two years and this isn’t the first theft they have dealt with.

“There have been a string of thefts lately and they have gotten more brazen,” she said. “We have a big pile of weird looking homemade bikes outside the shop chained together with a padlock and fairly recently the chain had been cut with bolt cutters and the tall bikes had been stolen.”

She said this time around, however, the bandits took thousands of dollars in tools, wheels, bikes and their entire supply of tubes.

“A cash stash was also stolen,” she said.

According to a blog post on Community Spoke’s website, they will try and reopen next season, but for now, they are asking individuals in the community to be on the lookout for the stolen items.

Cacioppo said a brown and copper colored ANT bicycle truck with a 20-inch front wheel and a very large front basket, and an older steel, turquoise Miyata mountain bike with an Xtracycle conversion kit were also stolen from the shop.

“These are very recognizable bikes, and we use them to transport our tools and mobile workshop supplies to do free bike repair away from the shop. If you have heard anything about our tools or bikes, please email,” she said.

If you have any information about the missing items, or about what may have happened, you can contact workers from The Community Spoke, here.

The Community Spoke has made a large impact on the Boston bike community by supplying free clinics in Central Square for riders every Sunday of the month.

They have also been generous about supplying both information and parts to those on two-wheels.

Cacioppo said this has been their busiest season to date, and their success was a direct result of volunteer efforts and donations.

“I just want to thank everyone, especially volunteers, this has been our busiest season by far since we started and we couldn’t have scaled it up if we didn’t have the volunteers,” she said. “People have been so generous with us.”

Earlier this week, BostInno wrote about how The Community Spoke is a great community space in the city to “get your hands dirty.”