Emerson is home to some famously funny alumni. (Do the names Jay Leno and Denis Leary ring any bells?) Yet, comedy isn’t the College’s only area of expertise. The school’s entrepreneurship program has continued to produce a long list of successful startups-turned-bigger-name brands.

Ever bitten into a gooey slice of heaven from Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, or stumbled upon a new chardonnay at Wine Riot? You can nod at Emerson—both companies were a product of the school’s entrepreneurship program. Called E3, the program has seen a 35 percent launch rate, and 20 percent of the students who’ve gone through E3 are currently involved in a venture of their own creation.

In a prior interview, Emerson’s Director of Business and Entrepreneurial Studies Karl Baehr said it himself:

Our outcomes are on par with the top programs in the country—we actually surpass most of them. The truth of it is, we’re doing some really cool shit here.

To see for yourself, check out 13 companies who have sprung from the College below.