Life could be getting a whole lot sweeter for you social media savvy students out there — literally. Ben & Jerry’s is looking to hire a public relations and social media manager for a Boston Truck Tour, according to a recent blog post by Tom O’Keefe, known more formally here in the hub as @BostonTweet.

Not only would you be given the wheel of a Ben & Jerry’s truck, but you’d also help the company dish out 25,000 free scoops of their new Greek frozen yogurt as part of their sampling tour. You’d also be responsible for monitoring all social media accounts, which involves scouting for events, as well as following up with potential contacts to coordinate a date and time for the Ben & Jerry’s truck to deliver free ice cream.

If that doesn’t make you an office’s new best friend, I don’t know what will. I advise you target any of those who missed out on the Uber Ice Cream Truck last week.

The position would span from July 25 to September 4, requiring 20 to 40 hours of time per week — heavy on the weekends. Yet, you’d be able to hang out on Newbury Street, where the job is based, for the summer, so keep the “I’m going to miss out on Saturday cookouts” complaints to a minimum.

Qualifications include a strong social media background, a proven ability to be “a creative and innovative thinker,” as well as a strong self-starter. My suggestion is you also go in there with some form of lactose intolerance, whether real or imagined, because I doubt they’ll be keen on you eating all the free ice cream yourself. (Yeah, I’m onto you.)

As O’Keefe writes, send your résumé to, if interested. Good luck! And, yes, if you are offered this position, we at BostInno do like free ice cream, and we’re happily situated downtown next to Quincy Market for your convenience. Thanks!