Times are certainly changing for B2B marketers. While expectations to drive leads and sales are high, marketers are often working with both a limited budget and staff. This catch-22 of sorts has changed the way many marketers view and utilize traditional marketing tactics such as print or TV advertising, as they may not lead to the desired outcomes of a marketer’s overall strategy.

At Curata, we’re obsessed with learning what makes marketers tick and figuring out how we can make their day a little more efficient. We recently initiated our second annual B2B Marketing Survey to identify some of the paint points and best practices of today’s B2B marketers, as well as where the market is headed.

As believers and supporters of content marketing, we were pleased to see that 87 percent of our 450 marketing professional participants utilize this tactic. This is a five percent increase from last year’s survey, and we believe the number will only continue to grow as even more marketers recognize the benefits of content marketing. Furthermore, content marketing is the only strategy to increase in usage over the past year, while all other tactics such as search marketing, events and print/TV/radio advertising actually decreased in utilization.

While we are confident that content marketing and specifically, content curation – the finding, organizing and sharing of online content – is here to stay, what really struck us is the direct correlation between success and longevity of a content curation program. Fifty-seven percent of respondents are currently using content curation, as it helps drive their content marketing strategy without spending considerable time or money. While curation is a relatively new form of marketing, 43 percent of content curators surveyed believe their program is successful, and 32 percent have been curating successful programs for more than two years! This is very encouraging for curators who may be new to the game, as it validates that a program will continue to improve over time.

Content curation is a fast and simple way for busy B2B marketers to collect and share relevant content with their audience. As traditional marketing tactics continue to impede marketers because of expense or time considerations, content curation will continue to surge as an effective tool that helps marketers achieve their overall objectives.

We encourage you to download the survey and view more of the results.