We are here for another week of our “Marketing Minute” series to help you with content marketing. This week Spencer Bramson of influencers@ gives us lean tips about experimental content marketing, content marketing for recruiting and how to deal with content strategy mistakes.

1. Merging Online and Offline Content

Spencer explains how the holy grail of content marketing is starting with offline and bringing that conversation online. Also the guy in the box mentioned in the video was a viral marketing promotion done by Zaarly that not only connected them with more customers but created buzz like this blog post.

2. Using Content Marketing For Recruiting

Spencer explains how influencers@ uses content marketing in a unique way to recruit employees.

3. How To Deal With Bad Content

So that viral video you posted didn’t go viral. Even worse: it offended your community. Spencer explains how to redeem your company from bad content decisions.

Which was your favorite tip this week? Leave a comment!