With a new semester comes a new celebrity for the students in David Gerzof’s Emerson Social Media (#ESM) class to set their sights on. After two semesters of famed football players, they have decided to revert to the College’s true theatrical roots, launching a campaign to lure comedian Louis C.K. into the classroom.

The goals of the class are twofold, according to Gerzof. Students need to connect with someone using social media they would not otherwise be able to reach, and once they have connected, they need to convert that social conversation into a physical get-together. To make the task easier, Gerzof requires the class choose a celebrity who is or will be in the area.

Potential guest professors included Bruins Defenseman Andrew Ference, Olympic Gold Medalist and Needham native Aly Raisman, actress Mindy Kaling, Celtics all-star Point Guard Rajon Rondo and Boston Boy Mark Wahlberg.

Although Rondo “conveniently” tore his ACL and probably has a more flexible schedule than the rest of the guys in green, he hasn’t been tweeting that much lately. We also know Wahlberg is busy bringing his A&E show “Teamsters” to town, and likely needs to catch up on the first few episodes of “Southie Rules.”

Gerzof says Ference came in a close second, and one student already triggered a response:

But, ESM students have already pulled off two successful campaigns featuring pro-athletes. Former Patriots Player Chad Ochocinco swung by the class in 2011, and most recently, New England’s own Rob Gronkowski made an appearance, telling the class, “Every time I looked at my mentions, I saw you in it.”

Gerzof also admitted:

Being a Bruins fan, I would have been thrilled had the class selected Andrew Ference; however, getting such a rapid response from a campaign target would have been a bit like scoring a goal within seconds of the face off; there would have been a lot of excitement on the score, but the students would have missed the experience of having to plan, execute and slug it out for a win.

Louis C.K. isn’t as active on Twitter, however, and so the students will be forced to “dig deep with a solid mix of strategy and creativity” to capture the comedian’s attention.

Yet, as Gerzof says, “If the students connect with Louis C.K. and convince him to visit our class, we would love @Ferknuckle to join us that night, as well. Bruins schedule permitting, of course.”

Not familiar with Louis C.K.? Just check out the memes below.