Bring it on, Tebow!

Fantasy Football may be over, but it looks like Mayor Menino is still taking post-season bets. Getting in on the hype surrounding Saturday’s primetime Pats-Broncos playoff game, Menino and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock have agreed on a winner-takes-all, cross-country wager, according to

If the Pats win, Hancock has agreed to wear a Tom Brady jersey in public and buy Menino a traditional Colorado steak dinner. But if Tebow pulls through for the Broncos and the Pats lose, Menino agreed to dress Paul Revere’s North End statue in Tebow’s jersey and buy Hancock a lobster dinner.

Confident in the Pats’ ability to silence the Tebowing phenomenon that has swept the nation, Menino showed support for his hometown team, saying, “We have Tom Brady who is true and has a veteran’s technique of how to get through these difficult games.”

Menino also took a jab at Colorado’s beer: “We have the best. I mean, you know, Colorado beer? It hasn’t even made it east yet. Sam Adams has made it to the west and Harpoon has made it out there, but Colorado Rocky beer? Uck.” Big words for a mayor who apparently refrains from alcohol.

Even though all Tebow does is win, Tom Brady is God’s nephew and led the Pats to a 41-23 win over the Broncos back in December. Plus, Brady’s a Michigan alum and a certified smokeshow, so I’m placing my bets on the Pats as well. If anyone disagrees, I’ll bet you a lobster dinner a la Mayor Mumbles – any takers?