The Seaport and South Station locations of WeWork offer a big, boisterous community. Back Bay’s Idea Space promises equal parts class and coziness. And as of Monday, NGIN Workplace‘s Cambridge new coworking spot provides access to an international business community.

Coworking spaces keep cropping up around Boston, and this week, NGIN Workplace opened the doors on another set of collaborative digs with a global reach at 210 Broadway Street in Kendall Square. 

Though NGIN Workplace had a soft launch on February 11th, it is officially announcing its presence in Cambridge this week. 

“We wanted to create a place for US businesses looking to reach international markets or businesses that want to be in a global environment,” said NGIN Workplace CEO Ignacio Galindo in a statement. “We want to be able to connect these businesses to the right networks internationally and domestically.”

The 15,000 square-foot co-working space is poised to become an ideal spot for connecting foreign companies with the bustling local community in Boston and Cambridge. The space is well-located, rooted in a prime spot right next to MIT, the Cambridge Innovation Center and other companies growing in the famed “Tech Square.” As far as amenities go, the slick spot features private phone booths, numerous meeting rooms, and noise-cancelling “talk spaces.” What’s more, NGIN’s cross-cultural team of MIT alumni, a Harvard-educated German designer, a Finnish professor and a Russian COO will also make an impact in connecting NGIN coworkers to companies, potential clients and investors in the area. 

NGIN Workplace features 17 private offices, which seat anywhere from two to eight people. Shared space and private desks are also available. According to the floor plan, NGIN also has a handful of meeting rooms of all sizes, as well as sound-proof call rooms, a café and plenty of event space. In total, the spot can fit 150. 

The most basic packages start at $150 per person; shell out $1,200, and you’ll get a secretary and waiter services, as well as access to premium meeting rooms. 

NGIN Workplace is prepping for a big bash come late spring, according to the space’s spokesperson. For now, though, we’ll just have to be satisfied with the following pictures of the new place.