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Either bandits with a really large vehicle made a clean get away, or UFO’s do exist, and they abducted more than four dozen grazing bovine—either way, police in Dartmouth said tons of cows went missing.

According to, 49 cows were allegedly stolen from a farm in Dartmouth over the weekend, but locals were saying little about the strange incident.

WCVB later reported the cows were discovered at an auction site in Pennsylvania, and the cows’ owner was on his way down to retrieve them.

Police told SouthCoastToday that sometime between 10 p.m. and midnight on Saturday someone had swiped the animals from a “communal farm” in Dartmouth and they had”a few ideas” as to what happened to the black-and-white spotted creatures.

Police estimated the cows were worth roughly $50,000, according to the report.

Police are investigating.