Just over two weeks ago, Twitter acquired Boston-based Crashlytics, the mobile crash reporting startup, for over $100 million. Today, the company announced a big change on its blog: its full featured enterprise product will be made available for free to all users.

Crashlytics gives mobile app developers insight into their apps’ performance, so you can pinpoint and fix issues quickly and easily. In addition to the main Crashlytics product, we’ve also offered Crashlytics Enterprise, which we introduced for those who wanted even more robust reporting and workflow integration, among other features.

Now all developers can have the best tools to identify and fix issues — we’re folding the features of Crashlytics Enterprise into Crashlytics. The enterprise features will be available to all – for free.

In conversations with entrepreneurs and VC’s about the acquisition, it was suggested to me that the value of the company to Twitter could very well be simply in access to competitor data. Crashlytics has huge device reach, and for Twitter to have crash logs from competitive apps would be valuable. Perhaps this move lends some extra credence to this theory?

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