Crashlytics, a new local startup founded by Wayne Change and Jeff Seibert has just announced that they have raised $1 million in funding to provide a crash reporting solution for mobile developers. The funding was led by Flybridge Capital Partners and Baseline Ventures with participation from some well known Boston angel investors; David Chang, Lars Albright, Chris Sheehan, Ty Danco, Jennifer Lum, Roy Rodenstein, Joe Caruso, and others.

Crashlytics aims to identify exactly why certain apps crash on mobile devices. Specifically telling developers exactly what line of code or bug led to the crash and a poor user experience. Currently Apple has a built in notifier but it takes weeks for the report to actually reach the app developers allowing bugs to go unnoticed for an extended period of time.

Crashlytics offers a detailed dashboard that distills crash logs and and highlights the main issues. Instead of developers sorting through massive amounts of data, they will be directed to the exact source saving quite a bit of time.

The company is currently in beta and plans to operate on a freemium model. An android version is also currently being developed.

Other than the company attacking a massive issue in a insanely fast paced market, it is interesting to see Wayne Chang get back into a startup himself. After developing i2Hub entering into legal battles with the Winklevoss twins, Chang spent time doing some angel investing himself. He recently invested in OnSwipe and is a TechStars mentor. Chang has also co-invested with a few of Crashlytics angel investors.

The other cofounder Jeff Seibert previously cofounded Increo Solutions Inc. which was acquired by in 2009.

Very impressive team.

Flybridge partner Jeff Bussgang appears to be fired up about the deal. We haven’t seen much from Flybridge lately, hopefully they are getting back on the wagon.