An all-white-clad David Hasselhoff making love to an iced coffee while surfboarding, waterskiing, jet skiing, and hang-gliding? Yes, please. This is the type of marketing that sent customers on a “Hoffnapping” spree last year, stealing life-sized Hasselhoff cutouts from Cumberland Farms locations across the east coast.

According to a press release, last years’ campaign boosted sales of Farmhouse Blend iced coffee by 147 percent, with a commercial featuring a bikini-clad woman and sand piano to supplement the popular cardboard cutouts. The iced coffee is sold for 99 cents, any size. (But don’t listen to us, have Hasselhoff’s 99c gold chain tell you, below.)

This year, Boston’s Full Contact Advertising has created a minute-long music video featuring Hasselhoff’s ode to the iced coffee. He looks as tanned and manscaped as ever, as a chorus sings “farmhouse blend” in the background of an over-the-top feature full of green screen action.



It has yet to be confirmed whether or not the former Baywatch star will be providing eye candy in the form of cardboard cutouts this year, but the video is quite sufficient eye candy for one day.

The ad will run through July on radio and until mid-August on TV, but luckily you can just put the YouTube video on repeat while you sip on that Farmhouse Blend.