Remember the bloody sock? That was a long time ago. Curt Schilling could always reference that fateful night to endear himself to the city of Boston. Now, Schilling doesn’t seem to have a leg to stand on. He’s got two bloody socks, so to speak. Much has been written about his Rhode Island based video game company, 38 Studios and how it received a $75 million loan from the state two years ago, but now, is expected by some, to go belly up this weekend. The Kingdom of Curt is ablaze.

It received the loan on the promise to bring jobs to the state, but now, as Fox Reports, the studio is no longer paying its employees, adding:

Both the chief executive and senior vice president updated their profiles on LinkedIn to show they no longer work at 38 Studios.

Nor is it a coincidence that Turbine, a Mass. based video game company, held a job fair on Tuesday night at the Hotel Providence just a few blocks away from the headquarters of 38 Studios.The Providence Journal reports that Turbine spokesperson Adam Mersky said there were 38 Studios employees at the fair, but could not say how many.

Oh, and Avalanche Studios is planning a recruitment event there tonight. Poor Schill (kinda).

What Curt Schilling should have done was make and sell these shirts. Something about hindsight? Oh well. He isn’t the only former (or current) Boston athlete to venture out into the business world. Here are some other notable sporty biz dudes.