Waltham-based Virtual Software Systems, aka VS2, said Wednesday it’s raised $2 million in seed funding to develop its new way to neutralize cyberattacks after a breach.

Investors in the round included Bulldog Investors and Sequel Capital Management. Neither firm has a website and both prefer to keep a low profile, a VS2 spokesperson said.

Richard Fiorentino, co-founder and CTO of VS2, previously co-founded the venture-backed software provider Marathon Technologies of Littleton, which was acquired by Maynard-based Stratus Technologies in 2012.

VS2 unveiled itself publicly in November. Here’s how Rebecca Strong described the cybersecurity startup at the time:

The goal: To dramatically enhance the reliability and security of enterprise data and applications, in both cloud and traditional environments.


It sounds like a lofty objective, but the veterans at the company … say they have more than a dozen computer design patents under their belts, and in fact developed a number of the foundational technologies involved in modern computing.


Now, VS2 hopes to “provide a missing piece of the puzzle” in today’s security infrastructure — the gap between perimeter solutions, such as firewalls and anti-virus software, and interior defense solutions, such as encryption.

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