In the past year, Boston-based native engagement platform Dailybreak saw a momentous boom in growth. And the best part? There’s no bust in sight.

Back in 2012, Dailybreak Vice President of Operations Ryan Durkin summarized the culture at the core of the company as “a blue collar work ethic in a white collar.” Well, it seems like all the hard work has paid off. Dailybreak increased company sales six-fold to 613 percent in 2013, a nearly unheard of boost in scale.

Dailybreak CEO John Federman believes that the spike in growth stems from the platform’s name swap. In summer 2012, CampusLive rebranded as Dailybreak. While the company may have ditched its collegiate name, Dailybreak still held on to its founding university demographic. Dailybreak then began to focus on bringing “moms and millennials” into its audience umbrella, said Federman.

“As the market has begun talking about concepts like  ‘native’ and ‘engagement’ more and more, the market seems to really be embracing [Dailybreak’s] position,” shared Federman. In Federman’s words, Dailybreak “delivers brands the opportunity to engage with the best prospective customers in a fun, educational and rewarding way.”

The company meets with brands, defines their respective objectives and creates a challenge–a fun, often trivia-based online game–that is disseminated across a given pool of potential buyers.

Dailybreak also offers what Federman calls a “disruptive business model…that turns the traditional advertising model upside down.” Rather than charging for the content, creative and other parts of the ad process, Dailybreak charges the brand via a pay-per-engagement/performance model. “We deliver a zero risk solution and brands get phenomenal results,” shared the CEO.

This multistep, experience-driven model has attracted 54 new brands—including big name clients such as Chevy, Ford, P&G, Halls, PUMA, Dodge, White Castle, Fathead, Denny’s and others—to the company.

“We have a combo of really good content and a terrific team,” said Federman. “That, combined with an audience that has come to expect and demand that break in their day [has led to the company’s success].”

To keep up with the company’s success, Dailybreak is looking to bring on 10-15 percent of its current team in engineering, content and sales. The platform is also continuing to introduce new products, and rumor has it Dailybreak’s newest deliverable will be on the product menu come Labor Day.

“It’s a really rewarding time for us here,” stated Federman. “We really believed in the model, and it’s been great to see the headlines and momentum heading our way.”