We all want to see The Dark Knight Rises precisely at midnight when it comes out on July 19. That said, I’m truly sorry to ruin your day with the following bit of news from Screen Crush via FilmDrunk:

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ tickets shouldn’t cost you more than $20. That’s assuming you live in a big city and are going to see the film in IMAX. But searches on ticket resale sites are showing sold out seats for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ midnight showings selling for over $120. A few “entrepreneurs” are even selling groups of seats for $500.

People! People! Calm down! Don’t go and shell out a trillion dollars for a pair of movie tickets. It’s not necessary. It’s not sold out everywhere. If you must go at midnight, if you absolutely cannot wait a couple of days to see it when the theater is empty (and I’d totally understand if you can’t), you can still go without having society hold you upside down until every last nickel falls out of your pocket before giving you a wedgie and slapping high fives with Christian Bale and the suits at Legendary Pictures.

The AMC IMAX Theatre on the Boston Common is selling $40 passes to see all three films in the trilogy. Averaging out to 13 bucks a flick, that’s more or less in line with what you’d pay to see a movie in IMAX anyway. Ditto the theatre at the Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers.

I know this seems silly to tell you how to buy movie tickets a month in advance. But, dude. $500. F that. If you don’t need a refresher in the two previous films (in summation: dead parents, Liam Neeson, “wanna see a magic trick?”, hockey pads, and disfigurement. There. All caught up.), then just stop at Fandango. Not every show is still available, but you’ll find tickets for a show not far from Boston.

Yeah, so, whatever you do, don’t just go writing a check for $500. There are still options available.

But seriously, it looks awesome, right?