Korea’s newest King of Pop PSY has been wowing the crowds with his “Gangnam Style.” The video — equipped with horses, a carousel, an elderly field trip and a whole slew of awkward — has become a YouTube sensation, receiving over 150 million views since July 15th. After watching the video, you’ll understand why. Three letters: W, T and F.

Now, PSY’s real name is Park Jae-Sang and, lucky for us, the 35-year-old has Boston ties; he attended both Boston University and Berklee. (The Phoenix actually posted his Berklee school I.D.) When his debut album “PSY … From the Psycho World!” was released in 2001, the rapper was nicknamed “Bizarre Singer,” according to People.

If you watched that video, can you actually say you’re surprised?

The lyrics of PSY’s song describe the personality traits of a girl and a guy living in Gangnam, a wealthy neighborhood in Seoul, South Korea, which also happens to be the home of Samsung, Hyundai and LG’s headquarters. And although it’s no shock “Gangnam Style” has helped spread Korean Pop, who knew it would make its way back to Boston University and then to the Ivy League?

The executive board of Boston University’s Korean Student Association made their own “Gangnam Style” video, dancing through library stacks and down Commonwealth Avenue. I’ll give the group some credit — their video is a lot less awkward than Dartmouth’s.

Dartmouth’s Ski Team also followed in the Boston alum’s galloping footsteps and created a “Gangnam Style.” Despite the parody being described as “Dartmouth Piney Style,” the video is still equally as awkward, just a little less flashy. (Wait until you get to the strobe lights, though. Where did that kid put his shirt? Or pants?)

My guess is, you may or may not see other spin-offs of this. Remember the Harvard Baseball team’s “Call Me Maybe” video and all the copycats that spawned? Get your Gangnam on, guys!