After the closest mayoral race in more than half a century was finally settled Tuesday night, there were only a few lingering questions left regarding the Hub’s top political office. For some, it was learning about the mayor-elect, Marty Walsh. For others, it might have pertained more to the popular outgoing mayor, Thomas Menino. Yet many Bostonians were more curious about who the always-mysterious “write-in” votes were cast for. These are the names that people simply jot down on the ballot instead of selecting from the printed choices. Not surprisingly, Red Sox World Series MVP (and arguably the greatest living Red Sox) David Ortiz won the most write-in votes, according to the Boston Election Department.

Though it’s not known yet exactly how many of the 560 write-in votes Big Papi garnered, it wouldn’t be a shocking bit of news to learn that he accounted for every last one of them. David Ortiz, even before his latest round of postseason baseball heroics, was beloved by all of Boston, far more so than any politician.

I’ll wager that this is a pretty big reason why:


Of course, even I’ll admit that writing Ortiz’ name into the ballot for mayor was a silly idea. As was previously mentioned, this was the closest race in many decades, decided by about three percentage points. Why waste your vote for Ortiz if, for once, your vote definitely matters? And if you think Papi has a career in politics, listen here where he completely denies it:


Though, I will say: the idea of replacing the government with people from the world of sports has crossed my mind once or twice, so I suppose I can’t blame the (possibly) 560 voters for their wishful thinking.