The Design Museum Boston partnered with Accelerate to launch its very first Adventure last Saturday, January 25 in the DMB headquarters at 70 E India Row.  Adventures are designed to engage a small group of students from different disciplines with organizations, profit or non-profit, for one day.

Students met at the new DMB headquarters, which are still raw and full of opportunity. The location formerly housed a bank and old structures, teller windows and bank equipment are still in place. A true challenge to envision possible uses for the space to become a welcoming center and jump off point for DMB visitors.

Teams asked lots of questions, mapped out potential users of the space, considered surrounding environments such as the Aquarium and the green spaces and simulated potential flow patterns.

At the end many drawings brought ideas to life and showcased possible transformations of the space. Each student was able to contribute through his or her discipline lens and each idea was influenced and enhanced through this process.

We are excited to see the new space materialize and see some of the Wentworth students’ ideas realized. Thank you, DMB, for hosting our very first Accelerate Adventure.

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