The beef heart special.

I’ve been dying to try jm Curley since they opened back in December with some wicked rules explaining how patrons shouldn’t be “douchebags.” A bar that bans people from being jerks? Amazing. Why didn’t I check it out sooner?

Abiding by the rules (we avoided all shrieking, shouting, bellowing, whining, barking, nose blowing, flatulence and obnoxious cell phone use), my dinner date and I sat at the bar to get a good seat in front of the TV for Celtics Game 5 (RIP 2012 playoff season). jm Curley’s beer menu is huge, so we played a little game with the bartender: We name a beer we like, he brings us a similar-tasting one that we haven’t tried.

Corn on the cob.

After throwing back a few random bottles, and noshing on the dill popcorn available at the bar, we were ravenous. jm Curley’s burger has been raved about left and right, but c’mon, how boring would we be if we ordered that? Instead, we opted for two very random specials to share: corn on the cob and beef heart.

And…Oh my God.

Here’s why jm Curley is innovative with their specials: They know how to spruce it up. Anyone can grill corn on the cob. But can you put a perfect mayo blend onto perfectly char-grilled corn? We were licking the extra mayo off the plate with our fingers. And the beef heart. How often can you say you enjoy eating an animal’s heart? At jm Curley you can, when it’s on a perfectly toasted piece of bread. It’s so simple that it’s astounding.

But don’t take my word for it. Boston food bloggers have a particular liking for this Downtown Crossing restaurant, too. Here’s what the blogosphere is saying about jm Curley:

Nick the Foodie

Any unassuming Bostonian innocently walking in here for a post-desk-jockeying-bevvy will be simply blown away with the food. I mean – Curley really is a hidden gem that I imagine hasn’t been largely discovered outside the realm of us local dining geeks and food blog dweebs.

Booze in Boston: 

jm curley provides an amazing craft cocktail experience in a laid back and comfortable atmosphere (complete with popcorn! We had garlic bread flavored.) The bar is low-lit, with wood tones and brick. You’re not going to find a number of TVs here…although there is that one in the picture above, but you will find great food, and the focus is absolutely on the cocktails. The knowledgable bar staff varies from being dressed down in a white t-shirt to wearing vest and bow tie later in the evening, but don’t let it fool you, they can all make amazing drinks.

And of course, the burger. From Boston Burger Blog:

An interesting menu with burgers that change depending on when you come in, the 5 oz. Griddled Burger is featured on the lunch menu, the larger 9 oz. Char-Grilled burger available at dinner, and both offered on the late night menu. It’s up to you how creative you want to get with your toppings, (Peanut Butter, Spinach Spread, Duck Confit, etc.) but the house burger (Griddled or Grilled) is a fairly traditional patty topped with Grilled Onions, Cheddar, Pop’s Russian Dressing and Pickles. It’s straight-forward and simple, or rather uncomplicated, and that’s what makes it delicious. I’m a burger purist and this is a burger I’ve been waiting for; great beef, nothing pretentious and just good without tripping on its own two feet, and the option is there if you want to go a little crazy.

Have you been to jm Curley? What are your thoughts?