Let’s face it, 26.2 miles isn’t for everyone. Don’t feel ashamed if you fall into that category; “getting drunk” beats out “completing the Boston Marathon” on our Monday to-do list, too.

Now, thanks to the magic of Google Maps and YouTube, you don’t have to actually run the marathon to experience the course. Ari Alexenberg of Runner.com, a blog out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, has pulled together two videos featuring time-lapsed, birds-eye views of the marathon course.

In an email to BostInno, Alexenberg describes the first video, which shows the very last stretch of the Boston Marathon:

The video takes the viewer through the last five miles of the Boston Marathon from a bird’s eye view, about 100 feet above the runners. I did this using Google Earth and some screen tracking and video editing software.  It is not all that polished but it offers a unique view of the Brookline and Boston part of the marathon route.

Check it out below:

Basically, it’s the abbreviated version of the Boston Marathon, much like what Rosie Ruiz experienced back in 1980, when she “finished” the marathon in record time. In actuality, officials found out she jumped into the race in the last mile. Yeah, that’s illegal. Nice try, Rosie.

The second video, titled “Born to Run,” is “an inspirational 2.5 minute tour through the entire Boston Marathon route from the runner’s view. It takes the runners’ perspective, looking straight up the road with some shots of the side view along the way.”

Cheesy, yes, but for someone like me who doesn’t want to put in the effort to actually run, these videos are pretty cool. The full Boston Marathon course, which begins in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, travels 26.2 miles through eight towns, including Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Newton, Brookline, and, of course, Boston, ending at the Copley Square. Yeah, sounds awful. I’d much rather watch these videos.

Oh, and if you’re running the marathon this year, best of luck to you! I’ll be on the sidelines with my beer.