Trying to send files between your phone and computer typically involves some sort of saving or emailing. Yet, what if you could drag those files with the mere swipe of your pointer finger? Thanks to researchers from the MIT Media Lab, now you can.

The open-source software is called Sw˙p, and in case it sounds too good to be true, here’s a demo:

To make the magic happen, Sw˙p gathers snippets of information, such as your phone and iPad’s location, which is available via WiFi, to the account details you’ve set on sites like Facebook and Gmail. From there, it ties that information to a real-time gesture, allowing you to hold up two Sw˙p-enabled devices and swipe data from one device to the next.

“It’s a very smart way to use existing devices without any added technology,” said interaction designer Ishac Bertran to Fast Company. He claims the only problem is that you can’t change the devices’ positioning or they’ll lose their spatial link.

Sw˙p isn’t available in app form yet, but the team told Fast Company that since it’s an open-source project, they hope other developers will jump in and contribute.

We’re already itching for Sw˙p to hit the App Store’s shelves. Sharing files couldn’t be made any easier. Sure, there’s Dropbox, but all this takes is one swipe. Sign us up for test trials!