America may already run on Dunkin’, but the Canton based-chain is looking to make the nation’s love of their coffee officially official.

The Boston Globe is reporting that Dunkin’ Donuts has filed for the trademark “Best Coffee in America.”

But does Dunkin’ really have the best coffee in the nation?

The Globe points out that in 2004, Today’s food editor Phil Lempert declared Dunkin’ Donuts as the best coffee in the nation. But in a 2012 Zagat survey, Dunkin came in second to Starbucks for the best coffee.

“We have many trademarks. This has been one of our trademarks since 2007,” Jessica Gioglio, Public Relations and Social Media Manager for Dunkin’ Brands tells BostInno. “As part of our overall trademark program, we are simply continuing to go through the trademark process.”

Personally, I prefer the pumpkin coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts above all others. But I obviously haven’t tried all the coffee in America, so it’s really hard for me to come to any opinion on this one.

What I will say, though, is that this reminds me from that adorable scene from “Elf,” in which Will Ferrell’s character Buddy congratulates a crappy diner that advertises the “world’s best cup of coffee.” Awww.

What do you think? Does Dunkin’ deserve the title of the best coffee in America?