A new ticker symbol is hitting the Nasdaq: DNKN.

Founded in 1950 by a man named Bill Rosenberg in Quincy and now headquartered in Canton, Boston’s beloved coffee brand (which also owns Baskin Robbins) has filed for an IPO this morning. Dunkin’ Donuts filed this initial public offering with the SEC for $400 million of its common stock, and analysts say they can see that IPO growing to reach $750 million.

The company has been at the forefront of innovation for years — be it in supply chain processes, such as the hub and spoke network set in motion decades ago (with thanks to a savvy franchisee owner from the Boston area) to today on the marketing front both online and on the ground. Not to mention, of course, the delicious new coffee and food creations the company introduces nearly every month.

This article from The Street provides great background on the company as well as its latest initiatives and expansion. It starts: “Six years after a consortium of private equity firms including Bain Capital Partners, The Carlyle Groupand Thomas H. Lee Partners purchased Dunkin’ for $2.4 billion, the donut and ice cream chain is now looking to trade publicly.”

For a lighter and more skimmable read, check out the slide show Business Insider put together around 10 facts you might not know about the company — like that it considers “coffee shortage” its major risk factor.

According to the Boston.com article, which doesn’t cite sources, reports surfaced five weeks ago that the company was considering filing for an IPO.

This initial public offering is being made through an underwriting group led by J.P. Morgan Securities, Barclays Capital and Morgan Stanley & Co. We look forward to following the company’s road to IPO in the upcoming months!