Bostonians who abide by gluten-free diets may soon have a friend in one of the city’s biggest chain restaurants. Dunkin’ Donuts is currently testing gluten-free products in certain locations in the Boston-area.

“We are always exploring a wide variety of products to satisfy our customers,” Michelle King, Director, Global Public Relations Dunkin’ Brands, Inc., told BostInno of the move to test gluten-free products.

Dunkin’ is offering two options for its gluten-free customers: cinnamon sugar donuts and blueberry muffins.

The baked goods come in plastic wrap to keep the products from cross-contamination with baked goods containing gluten, which could be devastating for those with an allergy or celiac disease.

Amanda Humphrey, a Boston-based blogger who operates the Gluten Free Hub, a website dedicated to ranking gluten-free dishes at Boston restaurants, was impressed by Dunkin’ Donuts’ gluten-free testing.

“I love Dunkin’ coffee and used to love the donuts,” Humphrey told BostInno. “Sometimes while they are pouring my coffee I reminisce about the chocolate and coconut donuts.  So I will definitely be trying those new gluten-free donuts!”

My former roommate had a severe allergy to gluten, and it was always frustrating for me to watch her dine with us non-gluten free people and be limited to boring menu items like salads (hold the croutons) and rice.

A big name brand like Dunkin’ choosing to keep gluten-free items as a staple on their menus could change the conversation about gluten-free offerings  in smaller Boston restaurants as well other national chains.

The gluten-free testing is taking place at seven Dunkin’ Donut locations in the area, from Charlestown to Allston:

  • 209 N Harvard St. Allston, MA
  • 219 Cambridge St. Allston, MA
  • 1955 Beacon St. Brighton, MA
  • 1008 Beacon St. Brookline, MA
  • 1316 Beacon St. Brookline, MA
  • 5 3rd St. Cambridge, MA
  • 99 Cambridge St. Charlestown, MA

Will you try Dunkin’ Donuts gluten-free offerings?

Image via  Gluten Free South Florida’s Facebook page