Does Massachusetts really run on Dunkin’? Says this map, yes. Yes, it does. We coastal folk would have to go all the way to Shutesbury (Shuwhaa?) before finding any Thoreau-like isolation from our donut overlords. I really don’t think it’s far-fetched to believe that if someone constructed a gubernatorial campaign for Dunkin’ – as an establishment, not a person – it would stand a real shot at winning. Amid promises of lowered state taxes and education reform and all things people want, the Coffee King stands there stoically, omnipotent, waiting for the crowd to quiet.


The crowd goes wild. Yes, we can.

No, but seriously. Why the hell are there so many Dunkin’ locations in Massachusetts?

(images via Tumblr)

Compare it, too with the rest of North America. So do people in Montana not drink coffee or…?