With Valentine’s Day coming up, you want to do something romantic for your sweetheart. She loves you. She loves coffee. Ah-ha! Here’s the answer:

Why yes, that is a customized Dunkin’ Donuts gift card with you and your boo’s face plastered across the front.

“Every time they use their DD card, your Valentine will fall in love all over again,” a Dunkin’ email marketing  campaign for the cards reads. Because nothing says “I love you” quite like a plastic card redeemable for a restaurant chain.

The cards are available for $2.99, plus your desired gift card amount. They come with a custom greeting card of your choice, so you can really cheese it up with phrases like “I love you a latte.”

Now, I’m not one to harp on Valentine’s Day corniness. I like red roses as much as the next girl and cutesy cards and romantic dinners will always make me swoon. But that’s between you and your honey. How much of an idiot will you feel like swiping this gift card at Dunkin’ every morning? The workers will inevitably have a good laugh at you every time you walk out of the store. And that’s not something you need before you’ve even had your caffeine fix for the day.

Not to mention, a cup of coffee alone costs $2.99. Why spend it on a photo of you and your boo? After all, that’s what Facebook couples pages are for.