New England runs on Dunkin’, right? And Massachusetts is the liberal epicenter of the universe, right? Ipso facto, the blue blooded donkeys of the Bay State must drink six thousand cups of Dunkin’ Joe a day, right? RIGHT!?


Democrats prefer Starbucks. So says this study from Buyology anway. Republicans, on the other hand, use their big elephant trunks to shovel gallons of Coolatta down their big elephant gullets.


Democrats probably like the snootiness of being able to order a veni vidi vici double mocha whipped with chocolate trimmings and crushed bugs. Republicans might opt for the blue collar facade of Dunkin’s billion dollar business. Either way, the proverbial line in the sand that separates these two bickering boys clubs is so wide, they can’t even agree on which coffee to drink (though upon this study’s release, presumably executives of both companies high-fived and announced new locations).

I’m also intrigued by the Democrats favoritism toward the NFL compared with the GOP’s leaning toward professional baseball. My theory? The NFL is every bit about protecting its players and doing research to ultimately make the game a safer one as they are about playing, which falls in line with Dems’ stance on health care accessibility. Not to mention, last year’s bitter CBA dispute was, in large part, about a more equal distribution of revenue, which is an issue mirrored by Democrats on a larger political scale. In Major League Baseball, however, the game is very much rooted in tradition. Purists resist changes to the game. They’re for the status quo. From a monetary perspective, well, the whole no salary cap thing means players can make a whole lot of money (though MLB employs a luxury tax – and that’s not to say athletes in other sports are living paycheck to paycheck).

Why don’t you take the test? Are the brands you favor indicative of your political persuasion, at least according to this study? Or are you a rogue  with feet in both camps brand wise?

(image via ABC News)