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Why hello Startup Nation, and welcome to episode 25 of The Early Stage Podcast. Last week’s episode with Andrew Le of Buoy Health elevated the humble pod to yet another weekly listenership record. I have to admit I’m a little addicted to following my stats, but to think that each number is actually a person out there enjoying your work somewhere around the world — it’s pretty wild. Last week, we had listeners from Japan, the UK, the Netherlands, France, Poland, Lithuania, Mexico, Granada, South Africa, Lebanon, Russia, Spain, Germany… I have no idea how you guys find my podcast — but thanks for listening!

If you listen back to the first few episodes, you’ll hear me ask founders where they think they’ll be in twelve months. One year seems like a long time in startupland, but it actually goes by in a flash. Patrick Boyaggi and Mike Tassone, founders of RateGravity and the guests of our first episode ever, discovered just that.

Exclusive: RateGravity Raises $2M to Help You Save Thousands on Your Mortgage

In this inaugural one-year look back, we discussed their $2 million funding round with Listen Ventures, Accomplice’s BOSS Syndicate, and others, examined how other players in the market can interfere with potential deals, analyzed which marketing channels are most effective in a highly competitive environment, and talked about the value of a human touch in a tech-dominated industry. Their online home mortgage platform made major strides in 2017, but there is still a ton of work left to do.

Before we jump into the conversation, I wanted to give you all a little taste of the tech conversations I usually have over beers with Dylan Martin, tech writer for BostInno. Early Stage and our friends at Bostinno are testing these 10-minute “InnoSprints” at the top of each episode in February. This week’s InnoSprint will cover grocery startup Takeoff Technologies, wearable startups Nix and Whoop, student loan benefits startup FutureFuel, and MIT’s Intelligence Quest AI initiative. Let Dylan and me know what you think of the new bit at @DylandLJMartin and @EarlyStagePod on Twitter.

That’s all for now! Enjoy this week’s show.

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