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I have an incredible interview coming at you with Expedia vet Ethan Bernstein, co-founder and CEO of Freebird, who, with his growing team, is trying to solve a $60 billion pain point. Flight disruptions cause a huge amount of economic loss, and business trips can cost upwards of 10 percent to 15 percent more than their original price tags because of the extra costs associated with accommodating unplanned interruptions.

Travel managers at big companies can activate Freebird for their most important travelers so when disruptions happen, the traveler receives a text message to their phone with the best new flight options from any airline. In three taps of the phone, they are off to their new gate, minutes, hours, or days before everyone else on their flight.

Isn’t that how the flight experience should be today? Freebird is making it a reality.

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Before we dive into my chat with Ethan, you’re being treated to the next installment of #InnoSprint with Bostinno tech writer Dylan Martin. We touch on why Dave Balter shut down Mylestone, the intrigue of two MIT researchers splitting up to start AI hardware startups Lightelligence and Lightmatter, and the big opportunity for industrial Internet of Things startup MachineMetrics. Let’s jump right in.

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