Campus cuisine isn’t always a top priority, unless you’re at one of these 15 schools in New England, where students are slurping down butternut squash bisque and gobbling up bourbon baked ham on a regular basis. Most college students live in a ramen-filled reality, complete with frozen sausage links, preheated waffle fries and wilted remnants of Romaine lettuce.

At Emerson College,  the scene can be hauntingly dismal. So dismal, students are leaving comments to ARAMARK saying the “alfredo pasta tasted like sweaty fish.” How exactly those students know what a “sweaty fish” tastes like, we’re not sure, but we’d rather not find out.

That student did receive a response from the school’s food service director, however — “That is not good. I’m sorry.” — and then a current undergraduate published it on Emerson’s newest Tumblr EC Dining Hell.

The blog’s “About” section reads:

After collecting comment cards from Emerson College’s Dining Hall for months, I knew their beauty had to be shared with the world. The page is managed by a current undergrad at Emerson and doesn’t speak on behalf of Emerson or Emerson Dining. Many thanks to those who contributed comment cards. You ask, I might answer.

And those answers sure are humorous.

Now, not all the comment cards highlight horror stories, others spotlight sentiments closer to: “The croissants were like a bread angel came down and blessed the DH with its magic love.”

Either way, this blog is genius, and I don’t just say that because Emerson is my alma mater. (Although, if “Texas” still mans the lunchtime sandwich line, please tell him I say hi, and always appreciated the extra provolone.)

Here’s a look at some of the gems you can find on EC Dining Hell.