Editor’s note: Since the time of publish, it’s come to our attention that the tone of this article and comparison to wholly unrelated news events may have led some readers to feel like we were making light of the situation. This was never our intention. The news struck us as unusual, but we do not condone the actions mentioned below. We apologize for any insensitivity the story might have conveyed. Sexual assault in Boston – as anywhere – is a serious issue that should be treated as such. For a local resource, we encourage you to consult Hollaback! Boston, a fantastic organization fighting to end street harassment. 

Would you rather: Be approached by an enormous, one-legged man, last seen cruising in an ice cream truck? Or, kissed by a rando without any explanation on a Red Line train heading towards Park Street?

This is the question we’re now forced to ask after a new Metro report says Transit Police and Emerson College police are investigating incidents involving students being kissed by a stranger – for reasons unknown – last Friday night on the Red Line, while in the area of Park Street station.

Emerson College told the Metro a student riding the T from Central Square to Park Street around 11 p.m. that night was “involuntarily kissed by an unknown passenger.”

That same night, two other students reported similar affronts while they were taking a stroll through the Boston Common, near Park Street.

The students notified Emerson police around midnight Friday. College officials then alerted Transit Police.

The students aren’t in any danger, Emerson officials said, and they were made aware of on and off campus “support resources.”

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Could the one-legged man be behind this string of uncalled for kissing? Well, doubtful. That said, he’s been quite elusive thus far given his physical description – 6-feet-8-inches tall, 300-plus pounds, one leg, not so inconspicuous getaway car.


Image via wcboston.com