This year, we had a very diverse range of contributed pieces from guest writers and selecting the top five wasn’t an easy task. In the end, we tried to come up with a balanced list of guest posts, covering a variety of big themes, from artificial intelligence to blockchain.

Here are the top 5 guest posts of 2017:

Tech Immigration

In February, CEO and president of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council Tom Hopcroft wrote about why MassTLC – an organization that represents more than 500 companies and nearly 300,000 employees in the Massachusetts tech sector – is standing up against President Donald Trump’s ban on immigration.

Why MassTLC Is Standing Up Against Trump’s Executive Order

Artificial Intelligence

“Exciting times – you bet. Big business to be built – for sure. Epic journeys being started – no doubt,” Jim Crowley, CEO and president of Forge.AI – a stealthy Boston startup that is “creating fuel for intelligent machines” – wrote in May about the impact of artificial intelligence on the business landscape.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence Will Be Fueled by Unstructured Data

Virtual Reality

How will the use of virtual reality impact the architecture, engineering and construction industry? “The last several years have seen virtual and augmented reality tools go from a novelty to a necessity, and design firms and developers alike are racing to keep pace,” David Nagahiro, principal at CBT, wrote in August.

Why Virtual and Augmented Design Tools Are Here to Stay

Machine Learning

Stephen Laster, chief digital officer for McGraw-Hill Education, tells the story of how machine learning helped Julie Hampton – a longtime middle school behavior intervention specialist in rural Washington who decided she wanted to pursue a new career – to get a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

How Machine Learning Can Unleash Educators and Their Students


Bryan House, entrepreneur-in-residence at Boston-based VC firm Underscore.VC and was previously a longtime executive at Acquia, shares his five takeaways about the future of blockchain from a panel at Underscore VC’s recent core summit. Takeaway No. 1: Blockchains are simply a means to an end.

Why We May Soon Stop Talking About Blockchain — and Other Insights