Boston startup Jobble has raised $1.2 million from some big-name figures in Boston tech for its on-demand staffing marketplace, co-founder Zack Smith told BostInno.

The service, which launched in beta in mid-2015, aims to enable easier hiring and management of event staffers. Customers so far have included RCN, the Boston Globe and LovePop Cards, and it’s now being used in 22 cities in total, Smith said.

The company’s goal is to “revolutionize the way people work” in the gig economy era, he said. “We’re allowing an instant connection between the business and someone looking to work,” Smith said. “It’s how quickly that can happen. The ease of doing it makes it very special. And the quality is there as well.”

The funding is Jobble’s first official round. Along with BOSS, backers of Jobble are:

  • Chase Garbarino
  • Boris Revsin
  • Jason Carroll
  • TJ Mahony
  • E-Merge
  • Kyle York
  • Sean Tyler
  • Rob May
  • Mike Volpe
  • Ryan Burke
  • Clark Valberg
  • Phil Harrell

Ultimately, Jobble is ideal for business events, catering, promotional events and delivery/warehouse work, Smith said. “There are these needs that businesses need to fill, and they can’t fill them easily,” he said, since staffing agencies typically are not able to move instantly. “We give those businesses the ability to fill those gaps, and not even have to worry about any of the paperwork—we take all the insurance and liability.”

Jobble is based out of WeWork South Station and has six people right now, with plans to expand to a team of at least 10 within the next two months, Smith said.

Disclosure: Chase Garbarino is the co-founder of Streetwise Media/BostInno.