Harvard students helped break history yesterday, sending a b.good burger “where no burger has gone before”—into outer space.

The local food chain released news they’d be sending a hunk of their house-ground beef to the edge of outer space in a weather balloon two weeks ago, after a group of students contacted the company looking for a sponsor. In an email the restaurant posted on their Facebook page, one student wrote:

We’d like to give b.good the chance to sponsor part of this mission in exchange for recognition in the Harvard community and in exchange for lifting one hamburger into space and safely returning it.

The mission has been completed, and b.good has posted a fairly ridiculous, exaggerated, laugh-out-loud teaser (below) showing off the feat. They call this sandwich the one “that changed mankind,” and hired a guy to climb a dauntingly high tree to capture all the action.

The company writes they’ll be sending the full video to their “family” tomorrow. So, those who want to see the aftermath of the galactic burger need to join the b.good family for access. Just be sure you’re ready “to witness the course of history being changed.”