Everett High School’s new Principal is catching flak from administrators and parents for showing students a controversial homemade video of him walking the halls of the school dressed as the “Terminator,” and saying “we are all doomed.”

The video, which was posted on YouTube, was meant to introduce Erik Naumann, the school’s newest principal, to the high school.

The video was filmed at Everett High School and later shown to 2,000 students during morning announcements.

In it, Naumann is dressed as “the Naumannater,” a knock-off of the “Terminator,” and can be seen walking around the school as a terrified woman runs away from him.

In the video, Naumann walks the halls and the classroom’s are void of students. When asked by a man where all the children went, he says they have “been Naumannated.”

The video also shows scenes of a burning swing set, and ends with the phrase “We’re All Doomed.”

According to Channel 7, the Everett School Committee is going to review the video, and meet on Monday, to decide if Naumann will face any consequences.

The person who posted “The Naumannator” to YouTube said the short video was upsetting in light of the recent gun-related tragedies across the country, like the Newton, Connecticut shooting.

“This is very disturbing to watch the burning swing set, flames, empty classrooms with missing children ending in ‘Judgment Day,’” they wrote. “Mr. Naumann, aka ‘The Naumannator’ did not use good judgment at all.”