As you have of course heard, Facebook is filing for its IPO today. There’s a lot of commentary already about whether it’s overvalued, undervalued, etc. (actually, there’s been commentary on that subject for years) but we wanted to pass along a very cool infographic that puts the whole thing in perspective.

Hat Tip goes to Carl Pierre of InTheCapital, a brand new Streetwise Media (that’s our parent company) site covering DC, which launched on Monday.

Carl’s top takeaways from the graphic are below. I’ll add just one: if valued at $100B, Facebook would be worth more than Disney ($61B), Amazon ($88.3B), and McDonalds ($95.6B). For a more detailed breakdown of who actually owns Facebook, go here. For a quick primer on the whole thing, try this MarketWatch piece.

Here are a few highlights from the infograph…

  • Google going IPO made $1.67 billion, Facebook is projected to be at $10 billion – I’m sure when Zuckerberg saw these numbers, he started texting Larry and Sergei to rub it in their faces.
  • Facebook’s IPO will be the biggest of any tech company in history, 6x bigger than Google’s – Talk about a feather to have in your cap, I’m sure Zuckerberg can not do anything for the rest of his life and he will still be one of the biggest names in tech history.
  • Only 3 US companies have had $10+ billion IPO’s, AT&T, GM, and Visa– I think Facebook’s IPO being in the top 4 of US IPO’s reflects how much social media has grown in the past few years and how big of a role it plays in everybody’s life.
  • If Facebook raises $100 billion, Mark Zuckerberg will rake in $25 billion. That’s equal to $50 from each of his daily users. – I thought about this one for a bit, I think if I knew how instrumental Facebook was in my life through high school and college, I think I would gladly have paid $50 for using it.
  • Even though it’s 4th in daily visitors, Facebook is 1st in ad revenue – Facebook makes ad sales as personal and as targeted as ads can get, so it makes sense that they’re crushing it.
  • More than 1 in 10 people on Earth use Facebook – One of the scariest statistics I’ve heard.